Production Process (Compared With DBC)

Technical Requirements

In order to meet the use function and working environment of ceramic substrate,the technical requirements of copper cladding process are as follows:

  • Thermal conductivity requirements: copper and ceramic substrate brazing 100% compactness, no cavity;
  • Reliability requirements: high welding strength, no cracking or failure in the specified number of cold and heat cycles;
  • Voltage level requirements: suitable ceramic board thickness and circuit gap width, circuit gap groove bottom etched clean, meet the required insulation strength.
  • Surface treatment requirements: ensure the solderability and oxidation resistance of copper conductor. Ensure to meet the ultrasonic bonding strength of aluminum wire.

Physical parameters

Material options and sizes

The thickness of substrates and copper sheets can be provided according to user's requirements.

Comparison Of Properties Of Different Ceramic

Design Rule/Spec

*note margin of error +-.15mm